The PPE Shop

The PPE Shop was borne from first-hand experience with clients’ frustrations at facing multiple PPE providers, fluctuating pricing and a lack of concrete advice from those who should have a firm grasp on the risks in your environment.

Risk management is a landscape that is anything but straightforward for employers who seek reassurance that their staff are robustly protected – against the elements, against working at height, against the risks they face day in, day out.

The company understanding comes from a decade and a half in the industry, providing working at height solutions on the most challenging of sites. Since 2003, the sister company High Access Solutions has achieved growth made possible through innovative thinking, iterative progression and unshakeable integrity.

The product ranges span fall protection PPE, fall protection for tools, workwear and PPE – throughout which the company seek and hand-select industry leaders and those tried and tested in the industry. Formidable partners for PPE protection that delivers – lowering risks, bolstering safety.

Press coverage
"Sister company of High Access Solutions just launched their new online store to provide all the protection tools with one click"
The PPE Shop Offers Best Protection For Workers & Their Equipment
The PPE Shop Offers Best Protection For Workers & Their Equipment - April 17, 2017
Paul Forster
A Team that provides sales, servicing and training in Fall Arrest and Restraint, Rescue From Height and Confined Space Equipment.
Capital Safety is a manufacturer of fall protection, confined space, and rescue equipment for oil and gas, construction, utilities, wind energy, transportation, telecommunication, mining, and general industriesⁱ.
Sister Company
Founded in 2003, High Access Solutions is a unique provider for work at height safety products that’s both market leading and affordable for clients.
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