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Are you pushing you employees to hard?

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As business owners you want a high level of efficiency and productivity whilst maintaining the motivation and health of your staff, this is why it is important to know when you are pushing your employees too hard. In this article we are going to be exploring the top signs you may be pushing them too hard, from emotions to not rewarding your staff correctly and explaining how to reduce this.

1. Emotions

Some people can detach the emotions from their workplace but the majority of employees can’t which means you will find many of your employees may be upset at work. When dealing with employees who are having emotion troubles due to the pressures of work, you need to handle the situation with professionalism whilst remaining sensitive and thinking of the employee.

You will need to listen and be comforting your employee trying to ensure you find out what’s going on with them without pushing them.


2. Being part of a team

Working in a team can seriously increase the trust and productivity between your employees. When speaking them your employees they should be thinking and speaking of themselves as members of a team and communicating openly to each other.

Teams often breakdown when one or more employees talk behind the others back’s this starts to breakdown the trust between the equal members of the team.


3. Passing the blame

Passing the blame is the most common cause for conflict within a company or team, with those who would rather put someone else down than all being down together. Working in a team is all about no matter who makes the mistake you all fix the issue and take the blame as you all could have ensure the mistake didn’t happen in the first place. Trust is a huge part of the workplace and passing the blame completely disregards trust within employees.


4. Personal life during work hours

Throughout the day we all have a few things we need to do that can only be done within work hours, such as communicating with companies that only open during the same hours as your companies work hours.  By giving your employees the chance to communicate with personal matters during work hours or giving them flexible working hours can increase the motivation and productivity.


5. More sick days

Are you noticing that your employees are taking more and more days of sick? This can be directly from stress in the workplace. Stress can start to cause many serious illnesses and from weight gain to high levels of migraine and sickness. There are some simple effective ways to decrease stress like ensuring everyone takes regular breaks, adding areas like a mess room or an area where your employees can go to relax can also reduce stress at work.

6. Employee turnover

Alongside sick days you may also notice your employee turnaround may be higher, with new employees coming and going relatively quickly. To help prevent the high turnover rate of employees you can do a number of things such as increasing days off for holiday, giving them casual dress days and providing lunches one a week.


7. Shorter hours

Work hours are dependent on the individual but you may find that in most environments the individuals that work less hours tend to get more done in those hours than the same tasks being carried out by a worker with more hours. This is because given a task list that would take 4 hours an employee would spread this over their 8 hours day so they do not need to complete any other task or to not have big breaks from work. Given that this person only needs 4 hours to complete the task ensure they have 4-5 hours to do the task so they are not under huge amounts of pressure but can still complete the task and save you money. The employee will also appreciate the shorter day most of the time.


8. Working with customers

Take into consideration your employees when working with customers, an unmotivated and negative employee will communicate with your customers in a different way than another who is confident and motivated. Ensure you employees are relaxed and happy in the position they are in.


9. Let employees talk

Your employees can sometimes come up with brand new ideas that you may never of thought about, listen to them give them a sense of empowerment, explore their ideas and put them to the test, you never know sometimes their idea may be better than yours. This can be for both ideas big or small, if you trust your employees as you should, you can give them the responsibility of small business decisions such as this.


10. Well Done

Something as simple as rewarding your employees for their hard work and effort can greatly increase their motivation and make them feel a valued employee. Saying well done can be the easiest and best way to do this, this also doesn’t have to be from yourself and can be from a team member to another.



The simple summary is based around respect, treat your employees with respect and reward them for completing a task quickly or correctly. A reward doesn’t have to be of monetary value but can be a simple well done or thank you. And remember to keep an eye on your employees they will soon tell you they are not happy in other ways than speech.

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