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IOSH National Safety and Health Conference – 14 Sept 2017, Nottingham

Posted by HSE on

Enhance your knowledge and debate current issues with a panel of inspiring speakers who will look at occupational health challenges. It is aimed specifically at those who work in the public, health and social care, education, environmental and waste management sectors. Keynote speakers include HSE’s Peter Brown, Head of HSE Health and Work Programme.

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Oil Prices, Predictions And the Problem With Predictions: Progress in EHS

Posted by EHS Today on

Capitalism dictates that supply is driven by demand and vice versa, meaning that the person who can predict what’s coming down the line has landed on an infinite gold mine.

A lot of time and money is spent on trying to predict the future. There are organizations built around it, millions of dollars spent on it and alas – as those in the UK and United States experienced first-hand in the political landscape of 2016 – they don’t always get it right (if I’m going there, I might as well say they got it downright wrong.)

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