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What are the types of work trousers?

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There is a range of work trousers for you to choose from buy do you know the difference between each one and which one you should buy? Well in this article we will be telling you the best way to choose your work trousers specifically to wear at your workplace.


What types are there?

In the work trousers industry there is a range of types that include holster, cargo, combat, classic, knee pads and premium. All range in style, quality and materials, the cargo trousers tend to be the biggest sellers due to their style and durability. However the classics are also a big seller due to their simplistic design which can be worn in a more professional environment, such as a business meeting whilst still maintaining the quality and durability needed.

Holster Work Trousers

Holster work trousers have the special ability of carrying many items within its dedicated pockets, which provide excellent storage space unlike other trousers that can be purchased these are design for this specific use. They are a popular choice for those who carry tools on a regular basis and the use of a tool belt is not necessary.


Mens Cargo Trousers for work

These cargo work trousers are often the largest in the market due to their superior style and cost effective nature, they can be found in most workplaces around the UK and have a range of styles. Usually coming with 6 pockets these cargo trousers have two front, two back and two side pockets allowing for perfect storage facilities. They are the most common due to their excellent design which is preferred by many throughout the industry.

Work Trousers

Combat Work Trousers

A easy choice within the work clothing industry is whether to look for a combat version of the same trouser as they tend to be made of a more durable material and are often linked to cargo to make combat cargo work trousers, which provide great quality but have excellent storage.

Classic Work Trousers

These are one of the most popular work trouser for the non-protective industry such as an office workplace, they are durable yet simple in design which allows one to wear them in business meetings. However unlike standard trousers these offer a better quality and durability because of their heavy duty materials and stitching.

Knee Pad Work Trousers

When choosing work trousers you should consider its use, for instance wearing knee pads are a common addition to work trousers but did you know you can get work trousers that have the dedicated slot for knee pads. These work trousers are quickly becoming one of the best sellers in the industry because of this feature, popular with plumbers and electricians.


Premium Mens Work Trousers

Premium mens work trousers have a better look and feel than the classic trousers because of the types of materials and the thickness of those materials, these are a popular choice because of their simplistic design. When choosing your work trousers it’s important to select the ones that best meet your requirements, so always buy the highest quality products.


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