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About us


The PPE Shop Ltd

We are The PPE Shop – Our industry is not in workplace wear, nor staff equipment, but in risks that are lowered by quality brands and rocksteady advice.

We understand the challenges you face – and that the very safety of you and your staff relies on the PPE equipment you choose. Our business is not defined by a stack ‘em high and fill ‘em fast approach, but by the quality of our products and our guidance.

Our Background

The PPE Shop was borne from first-hand experience with clients’ frustrations at facing multiple PPE providers, fluctuating pricing and a lack of concrete advice from those who should have a firm grasp on the risks in your environment.

Risk management is a landscape that is anything but straightforward for employers who seek reassurance that their staff are robustly protected – against the elements, against working at height, against the risks they face day in, day out.

Our understanding comes from a decade and a half in the industry, providing working at height solutions on the most challenging of sites. Since 2003, our sister company High Access Solutions has achieved growth made possible through innovative thinking, iterative progression and unshakeable integrity.

For you, this should be seen as professional backup that proves we’re every bit as good as our word – a word that guarantees the correct PPE, at the lowest possible price, without compromising on safety or innovative products that consistently progress safety standards, whatever the industry.

Made to Work Overtime

Our product ranges span fall protection PPE, fall protection for tools, workwear and PPE – throughout which we seek and hand-select industry leaders and those tried and tested in the industry. Formidable partners for PPE protection that delivers – lowering risks, bolstering safety.

Need our input? Let’s talk

Health and safety regulation and legislation have never been tougher, your obligations are pressing – for guidance on meeting your responsibilities, rely on us.